Monday, October 30, 2006

Thanks, Seth!

still life with liquor and eyeballs

Thanks to Seth, I was able to cobble together costumes of a sort for Mr. Pants and I to attend the annual Charming English Cottage of Death Halloween party. Yes indeedly-doodly, we were Ceiling Fans! Well, perhaps more precisely we were "Ceilings" fans, because that's what our shirts said, but no one was in the mood to quibble, and the costumes produced the appropriate amount of chuckling. OK, I use the term "costume" very generously, because all we did was wear some "Ceilings" T-shirts. (I decided on just "Ceilings" as opposed to "Go Ceilings" when a co-worker pointed out that sports team shirts don't really ever say "Go." Perhaps we were over-analyzing a bit). I think we scored a few points on the costume-impression scale by the fact that I made the shirts myself, with stencils and some fabric paint. I'd post photos of the shirts but I was too lazy to take any good ones. Mr. Pants liked his shirt so much he wore it all day Sunday.

Oh and in other significant weekend events I must mention that Scott roasted a goat Saturday. There was much rejoicing and a good time was had by all ... except maybe the goat, of course. I hope Scott doesn't mind me plastering his photo on the internets (perhaps to be found by folks using the Google?), but the event looked something like this:

scott and his roasting goat

Does anyone want a puppy?

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