Saturday, November 04, 2006

Hey, look at some pretty flowers ...

red and yellow

Yeah, peace and love, right on ...

Last night Santa Salsera and I went to see a doc called The Guestworker. I would love to present my frank opinions about the film , but there's no way to do that without pointing out that the plight of the immigrant farm worker is an unfortunate but pretty much mandatory feature of capitalism. And that generally puts people's undies in abundie , which I shall avoid today as I'm all about flowers and sunshine. At any rate, you will have a chance to see the doc yourself because it will be shown on PBS in November--I believe Nov. 30 'round these parts. Afterwards we went to a reception (celebrating the fact that the film was picked up by PBS), where we all earnestly discussed the plight of immigrantfarm workers over wine and several types of goat cheese. Just kidding, I didn't eat any goat cheese, it generally tastes like barnyard and I hate it. But there was some earnest discussion going on, and laSalsera was greatly amused by my unfashionable anti-capitalist opinions.

Next weekend I may have another opportunity to amuse and delight people with my opinions because I'm going to try my darndest to go see Milagros: Made in Mexico, not only because it looks to be good, but because I went to high school with Monique Velásquez, one of the directors (interestingly, despite the fact that we've both been in Durham for years, I have only conversed with her via e-mail and haven't actually seen her since high school). Anywho, go see this film. It's free. I'm hoping that the agility trial in which I will be competing will end in plenty of time for me get all gussied up and get to Raleigh by 7.

Menwhile, it's now looking like I will be the full-time foster home for the sweet little puppy who needs a home (did I mention that I've named her Zsa Zsa?), which means this puppy really, really need's a home! Three dogs is too much for me. She'll be starting puppy classes on Monday night, and she's just generally a really good little girl. If you know someone who's looking for a pup, steer them in my direction.

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