Monday, November 06, 2006

That music's lost it's taste so try another flavor

If you hurry, you can catch som fab fun Adam and the Ants covers over at Copy, Right? Hurry--she only leaves them up for a limited time. She also has a great link to a web site designed to carefully guide you through the difficult task of selecting which era-specific Adam Ant costume best suits you. Maybe I can plan next year's Halloween costume early ... definitely Ant Warrior for me. Stand and Deliver!

Also, After neglectling my little doggir bloggie terribly, I just wrote a rather long-ass post about one of the reasons I've been a crappy blogger lately. Go read it so I didn't just post it for nothing. Go on ... there's nothing more to see here.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

A few years ago I desperately wanted one of those British Navy jackets so I could dress like an ant warrior. Until I found out how much they cost, that is.

(That web page calls it a pirate jacket but pirates didn't wear epaulets and all that gold braid.)