Friday, December 01, 2006

You don't want a nice toaster? It's from God.

I'll be off to Fletcher, NC, to compete in an agility trial this weekend. If you're really keen on hearing me run on about front crosses and reverse flow pivots I'll probably blather a bit in the dog blog about it.

Anyway, which of you turned me on to the Endangered Durham blog? Maybe Chris? Georg? Anyway, whoever it was, thanks a lot, dammit. I'm addicted to it (and Sven is really good about posting regularly, so there's always something new to read), but it pisses me the hell off. I love Durham, but now when I look around at all the huge gaping vacant lots (and we do have a lot of them), I imagine the really stupendously grand structures that once stood there. From the looks of the old pictures, it appears that tobacco money made this city a real showplace of grand architecture. Then things faltered a bit and some really boneheaded ideas about "urban renewal" took hold, and a lot of the city's grand past was reduced to parking lots or just empty fields. Unfortunately, current ideas about urban renewal don't seem much better because it all boils down to letting developers decide what we need, and their sole motivation is "How can I squeeze the maximum profit out of this piece of land before I move on to my next project?" The answer often seems to be a Branded Experience™. So maybe we can look forward to downtown Durham being torn down and a replica of The Streets at Southpoint being built in its place ...

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