Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry rest of the holiday season

I got back from me mum's yesterday feeling like utter crap. I had barely enough energy to fire off an incendiary bomb to the neighborhood e-mail list and heat up some frozen veggie eggrolls (Chungs--we get them at Target and they are tasty) before I collapsed on the sofa to watch telenovelas en espaƱol. I was all achey and I felt a bit feverish. I seriously thought I had the flu, and I was worried about who whould do my radio show for me if it turned out I was indeed really sick. I'm feeling a lot better today, however, so I'll be on the air tonight, 8-10 pm eastern. 88.7 FM or, whichever works for you. I'm still feeling a bit tired, so I may just call upon good old Fela Kuti give me a chance to relax a bit.

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htrouser said...

Ah Fela, the DJ's friend! According to my iTunes library, the four longest Fela songs (that I own) are:

1) O.D.O.O. (31:54)
2) Unknown Soldier (31:08)
3) Look and Laugh (30:49)
4) Beasts of No Nation (28:30)

Hope you feel better soon.