Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Not just cake, but two kinds of cake

Radio! Tonight! 8-10 pm Eastern time! 88.7 FM or!

Also, developer types are turning a former hospital in our neighborhood into some gawdawful hideous condominums. They are going to call it ... I can barely keep myself from gagging on this ... "The Chancellory at Trinity Park." If you're interested, they will be unveiling the piece of shit renderings and plans at the the Broad Street Cafe at 5:30 pm tomorrow, Thursday December 14th. There will be egg nog "and other holiday "cheer" for everyone to enjoy." Apparently you have to RSVP to a dude named Lou Goetz at "loupcd (at) aol (dot) com". I really wish I could be there to loudly proclaim how ugly this is, but alas I have a life, pathetic as it may be.


ted said...

Coming soon:

"The Lavatory at Greyhound Station"

Lisa B. said...

That's actually right around the corner from this. Seriously, "The Chancellory At Trinity Park" is within spitting distance of the bus depot (It's Trailways, though). Ahh, the serenity and elegance of it all ...

My fave was a comment here:
(i.e. Joe Vilas suggested they call the place "Ye Chancellorie at Trinitye Shire."