Thursday, December 14, 2006

Nothing to see here ...

OK, I'm still reeling over how huge and hideous the proposed new condo development some developers (Park City Development) want to cram onto a tiny lot in my little tree-lined neighborhood is. I'm all for infill development to reduce sprawl, but this just looks completely out of proportion. Plus it's in the style I think of as "Developer's Special"--obviously meant to be rather "houselike" in a completely generic, bland and inoffensive way. It's funny how the drawing has sort of sanitized some of the area surrounding the proposed beast ... probably because the selling points of "Elegance" and "Serenity" become rather ridiculous when you realize that those little balconies will afford the residents a breathtaking view of Papa John's Pizza.

I remember when one of the Park City Development guys, Steve Ortmann, was pitching the initial development idea for the site (a "boutique" hotel) to our neighborhood e-mail list (and sending at least one dissenter, i.e. me, hostile off-list e-mails for daring to voice our disagreement with him), a couple of people were of the opinion that we had to get behind the project or "somebody may decide to build a drug store or something there." I'm still wondering what would be so wrong with that--wouldn't it be great to have a pharmacy within walking, or at least easy biking, distance of my house? I'd love that. Someone (golly, I wonder who?) also started a rumor that the alternative to Park City's proposal was for a drug rehab center to be built at the site. Naturally this scared the poop out of the neighborhood residents, many of whom had bought into the neigborhood during the recent real estate rush when prices were a bit jaw-dropping. Most of them would approve a Portal to Hell being built on the site if it would prevent the 'hood from being overrun by Tyrone Biggums.

At least this thing is seven blocks away from my house so I don't have to actually live with it on a daily basis. And honestly, judging from our neighborhood email list, I think a heinous, traffic-snarling monstrosity right down the street is exactly what some of the people in my neighborhood deserve.


rak said...

god, those condos are hideous!

i, for one, am so tired of condos. every morning for the past year plus, i've been awakened by the sounds of condo conversions. first on one side of my street and now behind my building. (but this is seattle. i.e. "condo city, u.s.a.!" so EVERYONE is awakened by the sounds of condo conversions.)

*grumble mumble*

i hope they build something useful in the space in your neighborhood.

for what it's worth, i once lived in a neighborhood with a methadone clinic within walking distance. the crime there was no worse than anywhere else in the city.

Lisa B. said...

You just reminded me of a photo I took in Chicago ... I'll have to dig it up and post it, but here's the gist: There were a bunch of infill condo developments being build in one neighborhood (I think it was Roscoe Village, if there are any Chicagoans tuning in), and someone in one nearby house had put a banner up outside a window that said "Condo Buyers beware: Noisy White Trash Lives Here." I'll definitely have to dig that one up.

kris said...


i might have to steal that idea and sticker condo sites! HAHAHAHAHA!!

andrew said...

Condos are at least less destructive than houses, in terms of foot print, heat/energy waste etc. They are equally ugly but at least they are cencentrated ugliness compared to hundreds of acres eyesore housing.

Lisa B. said...

This issue isn't that it's condos, it's that it's 7 stories tall in a neighborhood where most structurs are two stories, and that at5 48 units, it will completely overwhelm the ability of the surrounding streets to absorb the traffic impact.