Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Speaking of death ...

OK, so had I been in Chile Sunday, I probably would have been one of these people. His death is too little too late, IMO. So today I'm reading a load of shit in the Washington Post, and I'm thinking that I must overcome my incredible laziness and write a screed on how heinous it is to even contemplate balancing a so-called* economic miracle against a reign of torture, terror and murder ... but phew! Thanks to the Wash Post's little linkback feature, I see someone else has already done it for me! Yes, thanks to Adam at A Violently Executed Blog (he also posted this entry about about the death of Perrochet on monday, when I was too busy browsing all the photos tagged with "Pinochet" on Flickr to actually write anything.)

(Lots more people had stuff to say about the heinous Wash Post editorial, too ... although some didn't think it all that heinous.)

Fortunately I was able to read Ariel Dorfman's Op-Ed piece in the NYT, which I needed as a palate cleanser to chase away the nasty taste left by the WP editorial.

* The question is "miracle for whom?" Ask the average Chilean, whose wages are probably so far behind the cost of living that he has to pay for his socks on an installment plan, exactly what kind of miracle has taken place, and you may get a different answer than the economists and editorializers give you.


georg said...

When confronted with such overwhelming idiocy, it's hard to pick a high point but I'd choose:
"It's leaving behind the developing world, where all of its neighbors remain mired."
Strictly defined, Chile really only has one neighbor, since about 80% of its border is with Argentina. Somehow in the recent spate of articles about Buenos Aires as the Paris of SA, I missed that Argentina was a struggling third-world economy.
I suppose one could be charitable and count all of the continent as Chile's neighbors. By why would I give the benefit of the doubt to a complete tool like the WaPo editorialist?

Adam said...

I can only hope that Hiatt (or whoever dropped that turd in the punchbowl) is getting red-assed right now by an editor. Sadly, it's the WaPo, and they're not really much into the journalistic integrity of late.

And thanks for the linkage, BTW.

Lisa B. said...

You're welcome--thanks for the rantage.

Georg--the idiocy really is too overwhelming. In fact I think calling it "idiocy" is being rather charitable.

htrouser said...

Well, Thatcher is "saddened." After all, what's a little torture compared to making yet another part of the world safe for monetarism?

Well, okay, a *lot* of torture. But my point still stands.