Thursday, January 18, 2007

OK, you got us ...

Yes, it's officially snowing now. I'd say there's about a quarter of an inch accumulated on the top of my fence.

The really wonderful thing about snow in NC is that a mere flurry can bring life as we know it to a screeching halt. Everyone panics. Traffic stops. Grocery stores become battle zones as the frightened masses squabble over the remaining bread and milk. You see, I think there is one lone plow-and-sand truck to be shared amongst all the cities and towns in the eastern half of the state, and no one is quite sure how to operate it correctly. Also, no one here seems to know how to drive in the snow, so they slip and slide all over the place and just make a mess out of everything. And we don't have a train. I wish they would just build us a damn train already.

Anyway, even if I were determined to get to my job in Raleigh this morning, I'm not sure if I would actually arrive. Oh OK, I probably would, but no one is expecting me to at this point so what's the hurry?


elsacapuntas said...


Blah, Southern Private University is on as usual. At least it looked nice and pretty this morning.

georg said...

before leaving this morning, i put the over/under for accidents seen on my way to work at 6. which is exactly how many i saw, so a push. surprisingly, there were no cars that had skidded off the road and ended up near the tree line on the durham freeway. a wintry storm event (aka frozen death from above) is usually good for at least two or three of those...

Lisa B. said...

I did make it in today--I waited until the WRAL traffic cams showed normal-looking traffic movement on 40, though. My job has "Adverse Weather" time, in which you can take the time off and then you have a year to make it up (I have to work overtime every Oct. for the State Fair, so it's never a problem.) So no one is ever expected to show up on time when it snows.

Anonymous said...

Is it okay to link?
Wait. Don't answer that, 'cause I am gonna provide a link anyway:

slip and sliding through winter,

Lisa B. said...

Oh yeah, links don't seem to work in the comments ... but cool video! I wonder what the mean by the "even in Portland" bit? Like Ice shouldn't be dangerous in Portland becaaaauuuussseee ... they're special?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

This is totally unrelated to your post, but anyway, I was trying to find a way to contact you.

I was getting some ideas together for a design project when I came across a photo of yours. I've never really liked sandwiches except on rare occasions. There is something strange about sandwiches it's like mixing the genres. I generally take them apart and eat their layers seperately.

Anyway I ended up scrapping my idea. Despite creative commons I always feel a little weird using other people's work. But I hope this makes you smile. It's always cool to know that your work inspires others, right?

Take care, and enjoy the weather!

Ps. I live in Baltimore and it still hasn't snowed yet here! I'm really jealous.

If you want to write back then e-mail me at Do me a huge favor and don't approve this comment though. I'd prefer not to have my school e-mail floating on the net.