Monday, January 29, 2007

Satire or not?

That is the question.

Ant any rate, I almost spit green tea on my keyboard when I heard the lyrics:

"Read the Bible
You'll be sure
To enter heaven
There's no back door

Righteous man
get on your knees
There lies no virtue
In Sodomy"

Get on your knees!! Ha, now that's humor!

(Thanks to .:DataWhat?:. for the link.)

UPDATE: I was looking into this Donnie Davies guy a little more, and I found this website that has a list of "Gay Bands" from which parents should protect their children. Another tea-spitting incident almost occurred when I read: "Elton John(really gay)."


Anonymous said...



Lisa B. said...

Thanks! I thought it was too beautiful to be real!

elsacapuntas said...

Jay-Z is gay?

Lisa B. said...

Not as gay as Elton John, apparently.

andrew said...

you spat out green tea because Elton John is gay? You need to read the newspaper more frequently. He's been gay for, like, a while now.

Lisa B. said...

No ... I knew that. I just thought The (very gay) bit was hilarious.