Thursday, January 04, 2007

Work really cuts into my blogging time ...

I hate it when I've got too much to say and no time to blog about it. Last night I went to a neighborhood association board meeting, which is not my usual idea of a good time, I assure you, but the topic was "The Chancellory at Trinity Park," that hulking pile of pastiche with a ridiculous name that Park City Development wants to build in my neighborhood. After hearing from the developers, I'm more against it than I was before. They repeatedly threatened that if they did not get the special permit they need to build their development so high and dense, they were going to put a very unattractive four-story "box" with no parking on the site instead. Essentially, they are resorting to bully tactics in the face of opposition. I'll talk more about it later (I have plenty to say) ... or maybe tomorrow, because I've also been dealing with another issue that's on my mind ...

Remember the puppy with a problem? Well, my flyball teammate had gotten him into a foster program, but it was sort of under a deal where she was going to be his foster home. She took him to the vet where she works, however, and discovered that his little problem (urinary and bowel incontinence) is almost definitely medical, possibly from separated vertebrae. While the problem may not be permanent, it means he really can't be kept indoors and potty trained, which was her goal. She doesn't have a yard to keep the puppy in, so she can't foster him. Unfortunately, no one else in the foster organization can keep such a dog right now either. But today I was able to find him a sanctuary at Adolescent and Animal Resource Fund," in Benson, NC, a no-kill shelter that, although almost always stretched to the limit and filled to capacity, happened to be able to to take this puppy in and will try to rehabilitate him. They have helped me before (by neutering and vaccinating a dog we found) and I know they will be there to help again.

In addition to the animal sanctuary they also help people--children in particular but they certainly don't turn away adults in need. They help homeless people, handicapped people, families who have been burned out of their homes ... they have even recently become the main benefactors of an orphanage in Guatemala. Simply put, if there is a creature in need, AARF will do what they can to help. So I try to help them out when I can. Money's the best, of course, but they are always thankful for whatever I can swing their way--I once hooked them up with an old bathroom sink a neighbor wanted to get rid of, because they really did need a sink to meet hand-washing regulations (they are inspected regularly by the NC Department of Agriculture for compliance with the NC Animal Welfare Act).

Anyway, I'd like to make a pitch for donating to AARF if you have something that needs donating. Chances are that thing you don't need anymore--even if it's an old sing--could possibly be something AARF can use (especially if it is a post-1995 model vehicle with working heat and air-conditioning, large enough to carry two full-size dog crates and able to pass inspection in Johnston County, NC. They really need one of those). They have a list of material needs on their Petfinder page (if you want to adopt one of their pets you should just call them--they are stretched so thin they haven't had time to update the Petfinder listings in a while) and it's all tax deductible. You can also just send them a check: AARF, 555 Goosehole Rd., Benson, NC 27504.

I suppose it will be tomorrow before I get around to discussing "The Crapulancy at "Trinity Park.

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