Monday, February 26, 2007

Marmite? Guinness? Brilliant!!

What can I do to get a jar of Marmite Guinness?. It's limited edition and probably only available in the UK, but I want, I want!

Here's a video of Irregular Shed tasting Marmite Guinness.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nobody bother me!

This post in about great moments in commerical history (with vid of a great Memphis commercial), reminded me of some priceless commercials that aired in the DC area when I was a kid: The original Jhoon Rhee karate commercials that start with two kids saying "Nobody bother me!" and "Nobody bother me either!" (the commercial was later updated to put the kids at the end, but the original is the best) and my absolute fave, the ads for Mr. Ray's Hair Weave, featuring the voice of Mr. Ray himself. I've looked around to see if I can find the videos online, but alas, I cannot. (But I did discover that John Waters had attempted to get Mr. Ray to narrate Pink Flamingos, but Mr. Ray refused. I love John Waters.)

You know that in some closet somewhere in the DC area there sit stacks of old videotapes full of episodes of "Dynasty" or "Space, 1999" and peppered throughout with classic Jhoon Rhee and Mr. Ray's commercials. Please someone, dig out those tapes, digitize the ads and post them online for the benefit of all humanity!

Friday, February 23, 2007

Found it!!

Crack phone located! Mr. Pants and I went out looking this morning. Calling the number repeatedly while retracing one's steps seems to work well if one loses a cell phone in a park. Thanks to Chris for keeping an eye out--Mr. Pants saw him in the park (which is really just an extension of his back yard) with his lovely dog Lizzie while we were searching.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

[insert expletive here]

I'm so pissed off. I lost my brand new crack phone.

See, about a month ago the contract was set to expire on my old "shoe phone," so named because it was a big ol' Nokia model, popular about 4 or 5 years ago. It was really too big to carry around conveniently, so it was a pain in the ass. The battery would only hold a charge for a day or so and I would never remember to charge it at night so if I left it on it would go dead and then I'd have this big, inconvenient dead cell phone weighing me down. Consequently, I only turned the phone on when I wanted to call out or when I had pre-arranged for someone to be able to reach me on it. Oh yeah, and I had forgotten the voicemail password long ago and would rather gnaw off my right arm than deal with Alltel's awful customer support people to figure out how to retrieve or reset it, so it was pretty useless as a message system.

Anyway, the plan was outrageously expensive for the 9 minutes or so per month that I actually used the phone, so Mr. Pants decided that when the contract was up I should get a pay-as-you-go phone instead. It's called a crack phone because if you like, it can be completely anonymous and untraceable so that when the heat is on and the fuzz are on your ass you can just toss it out your car window and go buy a new one. I had no plans to toss mine out the window, I just wanted a phone in case I needed to call someone from the grocery store and say "They're out of blueberry Pop-Tarts. How about strawberry frosted instead?" You never know when you're going to need to do that.

So Mr. Pants picked me up a crack phone, a cute little Motorola that's tiny and light and quite easy to carry around. What's more, it can stay on for 4 or 5 days on a battery charge and the charger itself is cute and compact and also easy to stow, making it easy to carry along as well. So it turns out, I could actually treat this like a real cell phone and keep it turned on just in case someone felt like calling me (so far only one person has). I also know the voice mail password. It's a great feeling.

In short, the crack phone works for me. So this evening, when I took the dogs for an outing, I stowed it in my "dog bag," which is the tummy pack with treats, poop bags and other miscellany that I carry on dog outings. I figured it would be handy in case I sprained my ankle or something. Well it's a good thing I didn't sprain an ankle because the damn little phone slipped out of the bag somewhere along the way (probably after I opened it to get out a poop bag).

So, somewhere in or around Jaycee Field Park (that's the one just north of Northgate Park, where they are putting the new dog park ... which is almost finished, BTW) and the section of greenway path just north of it lies my cute little crack phone. I went back right after discovering it was missing, carrying Mr. Pants cell phone so I could call my number and listen for ringing, and I wandered around a bit dialing and listening but I didn't hear any ringing (Flight of the Bumblebee is my ring tone). I couldn't really retrace all my steps because it had gotten dark and was creepy and not the kind of place a woman wants to be alone at night (Mr. Pants was unavailable to accompany me).

So now I'm pissed off, powerless to search for my phone but knowing it's probably just lying on the ground out there waiting ton be found. If the damn thing weren't so cute and small I probably would have heard the clunk when it hit the ground ...

Anyway, if you have any plans to be around those parts over the next few days (hint, hint, Chris Graham), let me know and I'll give you my crack phone number so you can try calling it.

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Didja miss me?

I went away. I'm back now. How's it going?

We just spent almost two weeks (12 nights, to be precise) in Belize. OK, 11 nights in Belize and one in Guatemala, actually. No, it's not really good to be home, except for the fact that I'm seeing my dogs again and they missed me. It's too cold here. I'm ready to pack them up in the Pantsmobile and head back to Belize. People say it's a very pleasant drive as long as you take enough cash to pay off the cops at all the checkpoints in Mexico.

Anyway, I didn't blog during the vacation because I never got stuck any where with little to do but blog, as I did last year. I took some photos, some of which will eventually end up over at Flickr. Mr. Pants took a lot of really good photos, surprisingly few of which will end up in his Flickr stream.

While I was there I caught a nasty cold, which is making me feel rather crappy right now. Maybe, if I get up the gumption and feel better later, I'll write a little more about how cool Belize is, and how I wish we'd spent a little more time in Guatemala.