Sunday, February 18, 2007

Didja miss me?

I went away. I'm back now. How's it going?

We just spent almost two weeks (12 nights, to be precise) in Belize. OK, 11 nights in Belize and one in Guatemala, actually. No, it's not really good to be home, except for the fact that I'm seeing my dogs again and they missed me. It's too cold here. I'm ready to pack them up in the Pantsmobile and head back to Belize. People say it's a very pleasant drive as long as you take enough cash to pay off the cops at all the checkpoints in Mexico.

Anyway, I didn't blog during the vacation because I never got stuck any where with little to do but blog, as I did last year. I took some photos, some of which will eventually end up over at Flickr. Mr. Pants took a lot of really good photos, surprisingly few of which will end up in his Flickr stream.

While I was there I caught a nasty cold, which is making me feel rather crappy right now. Maybe, if I get up the gumption and feel better later, I'll write a little more about how cool Belize is, and how I wish we'd spent a little more time in Guatemala.


andrew said...

Welcome back! Sounds like you liked it. I was just thinking of your vacations as my brother in law flew down to Ecuador for 14 days on Friday. Hope you get over your cold soon

Anonymous said...

totally missed you!
: )