Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nobody bother me!

This post in about great moments in commerical history (with vid of a great Memphis commercial), reminded me of some priceless commercials that aired in the DC area when I was a kid: The original Jhoon Rhee karate commercials that start with two kids saying "Nobody bother me!" and "Nobody bother me either!" (the commercial was later updated to put the kids at the end, but the original is the best) and my absolute fave, the ads for Mr. Ray's Hair Weave, featuring the voice of Mr. Ray himself. I've looked around to see if I can find the videos online, but alas, I cannot. (But I did discover that John Waters had attempted to get Mr. Ray to narrate Pink Flamingos, but Mr. Ray refused. I love John Waters.)

You know that in some closet somewhere in the DC area there sit stacks of old videotapes full of episodes of "Dynasty" or "Space, 1999" and peppered throughout with classic Jhoon Rhee and Mr. Ray's commercials. Please someone, dig out those tapes, digitize the ads and post them online for the benefit of all humanity!


Christopher said...

Good God! I grew up in NoVa and remember both those commercials vividly!

And I basically want John Waters to raise my children.


leff said...

I actually went to Jhoon Rhee. I got up to brown belt. I still laugh at the commercials.

But Mr. Ray! Holy crap. I had forgot all about him.

Lisa B. said...

Chris: If you had children I'd want John Waters to raise them, too :-)

Leff: Do you, people still bother you?

johnny dollar said...

let me know when all those commercials are available!

my holy grail is joe jacoby for theatrevision!

and yes... we will not be undersold!

Anonymous said...

its on the utube. greatest commercial ever

sdcafunnyguru said...

I hope you are sitting down & prepared to be so excited, your little heart will be pounding like a zebra in a top hat, tap-dancing on a fresh plate of lemon Jell-O!

About a minute-ten into this circa 1980s "PM Magazine" story about Baltimore businessmen
who do their own commercials, there's a segment about our old friend, Mr Ray and his spectacular hair weaves!

Enjoy!!! : )

Lisa B. said...

Thanks for the link, sdcafunnyguru!

Rich said...

Wow... Jhoon Rhee, Mr Rays, and Theatrevision with the mumbling Joe Jacoby.

But how about the over excited voice telling you that you can get ladies tops for just five dollars, AT ALL SIX... MORTON'S!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhh, memory lane.