Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lost dog!

From the Durham Dog Park e-mail list, I learned that a little Wheaten terrier escaped two days ago from a car that was involved in an accident near 15-501 and MLK Blvd (the old South Square mall area). His owner is a young boy visiting from California for cancer treatments at Duke Childrens Hospital, and he's apparently very distraught that his dog has gone missing. I can imagine how he feels.

The dog has since been seen hanging out at the McDonalds on 15-501 (right by the Big Tower In The Middle of Nowhere). The manager told a friend of mine that he's seen the dog a lot (duh, dude, and you haven't even called Animal Control or anything? It's not like we have roving packs of Wheatens in Durham and they are an everyday sight. Chow and pit pull mixes, maybe. And that area is a particularly dangerous place for a roving dog to be, given the traffic.)

Anyway, locals: if you're in that area, look for a small (about 20 lbs.), light-colored (but probably dirty by now), long-haired (perhaps all matted) dog. His name is Kirby ... I have no idea if he will come when you call. If you spot him call Durham Animal Control at 919-560-0630/0631. If you actually catch him and have him in-hand, call becky Norman at 815-1844.

UPDATE: ABC 11 ran a story about Kirby. Also, a volunteer has stepped forward to be a contact for "Kirby sightings" to keep tabs on his whereabouts. So, anyone who sees the dog but cannot catch it can report to Debbie Agee: 919-744-7917 (cell) or 919-309-9668 (home).

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