Monday, March 19, 2007

Marmite update

happy happy joy joy!

I've been running around an agility field with Lucy all weekend (we did very well, thanks!), so I didn't get a chance to mention that a shiny jar of Marmite Guinness arrived at mi casa a couple of days ago. It came from Wales, specifically La Casa de Shed. It's damn good stuff ... if you like Marmite.

Now I'm hoping that a tiny Tony the Newsagent t-shirt arrives soon chez Shed's for wee Shed Jr., also known as Jack.


Irregular Shed said...

UPDATE! There was a package from North Carolina that arrived on Saturday... just haven't had a chance to post photos yet. But it's WONDERFUL!

Lisa B. said...

HOORAY! I'm afraid the shirt may be a bit large for little Jack, but I figured better too big than too small--at least if it's big he will grow into it!

htrouser said...

I am so damn jealous! Shame it's alcohol free, though.

I've made my sister promise she'll save me some for when I'm in the UK this summer. But she can be unreliable.

andrew said...

I am waiting for my trip to Blighty in 6 weeks to get some. I am hoping it hasn't all gone by the time I get there as it is limited edition.

I wish I had remembered to do a Tony the Newsagent plackard for last week's anti-war demonstration here in Capital City, but I forgot of course. I just hope the war is still goingon next year so I get to use the idea!!

Can I shamelessly promote my friend and client for children's bespoke t-shirt and baby grow wear? It's all at Angry Sheep Designs. I will post photos of the My Little Communist Pony T-shirt she is creating for me at the moment.

andrew said...

Finally I got to Britain and got my Guiness Marmite. It is just like ordinary Marmite! with very little guiness taste at all!

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, it doesn't taste like guinness, but I find the flavor slightly mellower than ordinary marmite and a bit runnier.