Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday's child is peevish and morose ...

To the person near me who kept a crying puppy outside all night long last night: if you keep this up I will become a major pain in your ass. I promise. I'll make sure you don't get any sleep, just like I didn't last night, until you either take the puppy inside where it belongs or it's placed in a new home where they have consideration for both the dog and their neighbors.

In other news, I just read a great book: And Then We came to the End by Joshua Ferris. I'm often afraid to read fiction because the world is littered with too many shitty, pointless books by shitty, pointkess writers who somehow manage to get publishing contracts probably because they know someone who knows someone, but I let a couple of good reviews convince me to check this one out. (Thanks Durham County Library.) It's funny and entertaining, and it validated my opinion that working in an office is inherently deforming. There was one little vignette that really hit home: a guy who works as a "creative" (which is what I ostensibly am) realizes that by and large he is just a turd polisher, trying to make the best of something that's essentially shitty by design because that's the way the client wanted it. That's exactly the way I feel most days.

Maybe if I can get some fucking sleep tonight I'll feel more like a "creative" tomorrow ...


Barry Ragin said...

good luck with the dog thing.

in my experience, you're on your own.

Durham County Animal Control had the law changed last year so that a continuously barking dog is no longer a "nuisance" animal. It's now supposed to be dealt with as a violation of city noise ordinance, which means that the police have to respond to your call.

And frankly, the police generally have more important things to do. But you should call them anyway to at least get the complaint entered into the database. At some point i'm going to ask City Council to pull the numbers on barking dog complaints and make a big shit about it in the papers.

i hope you post your results and let us know how things work out.

Lisa B. said...

Thanks Barry--I had forgotten about the ordinance change. I did call the police last night. But I didn't have the patience to find out if they did anything--instead I moved to the sofe, which is on the other side of the hose and farther from the puppy noise than the bedroom. I also told them not to call back with the results of their call, because if I managed to sleep I didn't want them waking me.

If it happens again I will put on some clothes and go out with my cell phone to find the exact source of the puppy noise. Then I will call the police again with an exact address.

I often hear barking dogs at night--but this was definitely the plaintive cries of a puppy. So what really bothered me was the thought of the little puppy shut outside with nobody around. Why do people get dogs just to put them outside? Everyone knows it takes a night or two for a puppy to get used to its new surroundings and settle down--if you can't handle it, don't get a puppy!!

Barry Ragin said...

it's been my unfortunate experience that, no, not everyone understands how to treat a dog properly. for many people, a dog is just a cheap burglar alarm. the problem with this approach is that the dog often ends up barking a lot, and ignored, so it doesn't even fulfill that simple function.

and may i recommend that if you do need to call the police again, that you arrange to speak with the responding officer? That way you can be more sure that there was, in fact, a response, and you can follow up a day or two later and see if a warning or a citation was issued.

Barry Ragin said...

i meant to add that it's also worthwhile to get familiar with the current Animal Control codes. Very often people who leave their dogs out 24/7 fail to provide adequate food, water, or shelter, and these are violations that AC can enforce.

I know there are some folks who do pretty well talking to their neighbors about these issues, and getting good responses with happy results for all parties, including the dogs. i haven't been so lucky, but if you're one of them, that's a better way to go.