Wednesday, May 02, 2007

And the band goes with rhythm like hell!

My things are plural; my stuff is singular. Thanks, England, for giving us such a nifty language!

I'll be polluting the airwaves (and webstreams) tonight from 8-10 pm. Eighty-eight point seven eff em if you're local, like really local; if you're not so much local. I wish that I would be able to mix the explosive mixture with the necessary degree of healthy aggression, but alas, neither wxdu nor I own a copy of Romano Hip Hop just yet. I'm working to alleviate that problem.

Also, go buy your ticket to the Preservation Durham 11th Annual Old Durham Tour this Saturday. You get to go inside people's houses, which is always fun. Plus, you will get a copy of the gorgeous 68-page tour booklet which, I happen to know for a fact, kicks ass. If you discover any typos or other errors in it I don't want to know about them.

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