Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Go, speed pace car

Whilst returning from a weekend agility trial out in the wild wild west (Fletcher, NC), Mr. Pants and I espied a car sporting a Durham Pace Car bumper sticker on I-85. It was speeding.

In all fairness, we were not in Durham, but somewhere near Haw River. Maybe it was enjoying a pace car holiday, feeling the wind in its grill and stretching its tires a bit before coming back to calm the mean streets of Durham.


spacegrrl said...

i've thought about being a durham pace car, but feared just this reaction. i've tried going the speed limit all the time every day in every situation and it's a difficult PITA, especially when one commutes to work on I-40.

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, i understand completely ... although I don't try so hard on I-40.