Saturday, May 05, 2007

Hello, I'm from the government and I'm here to help you

So yesterday a couple of trucks full of guys in bright orange vests showed up in front of our house, and they spent the day digging a big hole in the middle of our street, covering it with two massive steel plates when quitting time came. The plates are similar in color to the street and not readily visible from afar, and the guys in orange vests didn't leave any cones or signs saying "Slow! Massive steel plates ahead!" So now, if I get bored, I can go sit on my porch and watch the people speeding down my street (speed limit 25 mph) get a look of terror on their face and hit the brakes as they try to avoid hitting the approximately 3-inch thick plate at 45 mph. I actually did the Nelson Laugh to one guy, but his windows were up and he didn't hear me.

I'll be very sad when they take my massive steel plates away.


Kevin said...

This isn't the streetwork on Knox between Duke and Gregson, is it? I face that nightly trying to get home (since we live on Duke near Knox, and have to do the ol' circle-the-block to get back to the driveway...)

Lisa B. said...

No, it's not Knox, it's Dacian. I think it's sewer work.