Monday, May 28, 2007

How I spent my weekend

I've been in dog agilty land. The crappy Durham paper ran an article Sunday about what I did over my three-day weekend (click the link soon because the Herald-Sun expires its links ... probably just as well). Really kind of a sucky article, but that's what we expect from the Herald-Sun. Their website is a clunky piece of crap, too.

Can you tell I'm really, really tired?


georg said...

and it wants me to register in order to read it... oh i don't think so. i'm generally opposed to having to register to read content but i'm willing to do it, every once in a while, if there's enough content. that the herald-sun thinks they have enough content to justify putting it behind a registration wall is, frankly, the definition of hilarity ensuing...

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, I had resisted registering up until now because I never thought it was at all worth ten minutes of my time. But then they overcame my complete distaste for their waste-of-resources publication by publishing an an article about our agility trial. I gave them fake data when i registered.

Don't worry, you probably already know more about dog agility than that stupid article managed to convey.

Anonymous said... can help you get past the pesky logins. People post generic login information for free web sites so that you don't have to give your own information.

toastie said...

I was just gonna say, YOU STILL HAVE TO REGISTER!?! I thought they would have gotten tired of all the complaints and bugmenot accounts by now. Guess not.

Are they friggin collecting the data to satisfy a provision of the Patriot Act?