Friday, June 22, 2007

Go drink one without me

I would actually be mildly excited about what Blazer calls "Downtown Derm Hoo-Hah celebration" Saturday afternoon/evening if I were able to attend. Since I work all day every day in The Other Triangle City, I have been afforded many opportunities to enjoy its brand new loose bricks. Although to hear the Snooze and Disturber tell it, they still roll up those brand new sidewalks after 5 pm just like they did the old ones. I wouldn't know, because as quickly as I can after work I hop on 40 and get back to Durham.

But whatever, if you're around and about the City of Medicine (makes us sound like we have an unpleasant aftertaste) tomorrow evening, get your ass downtown, OK? I would go if my tribe (The Dog People) didn't have a gathering (an agility trial) going on.

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