Monday, June 11, 2007

I had cornflakes for breakfast

I went to Myrtle Beach over the weekend and mowed my mother's lawn. Honestly, it was more enjoyable than doing anything else there is to do at Myrtle Beach during what my mother calls "terrorist season." Besides, I got to use a riding lawnmower, which always makes me think of a very entertaining short film I once saw called "Tractor Tragedies." Produced by some farm equipment manufacturer (I think it was International Harvester), it illustrated all the many ways one could flip a tractor, which usually results in serious injury or death. I was careful not to flip the riding mower, although I did accidentally crash it into my car. I wasn't going very fast, so no motor vehicles were damaged in the incident. As a result of my efforts, I was able to haul home three big bags full of grass clippings for my compost pile, which is probably going to get hot enough to combust like the City of Durham yard waste facility. Oh the excitement.

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