Thursday, June 14, 2007

Things that pass for excitement

I was shambling down the street this afternoon, on my way to an optometrist's appointment on Fayettville St. (Yeah, the one in Raleigh ... it's near work) when I saw lots of activity in front of the courthouse. There was a crowd of news cameras, reporters, and a mini-sea of bobbing boom mics. They were all bunched up like fish in an aquarium waiting expectantly for the flakes of food to start falling. "Ooh," methinks to meself, "some star of the Mike Nifong courtroom drama must be coming out." So naturally I fished the Cybershot out of my purse. Oh look, it's Reade Seligman:

He rushed by with media frenzy in tow. He seemed to be in a hurry ... I didn't get a chance to ask him to autograph my copy of his book Tip the Cabbie and Keep Your Receipts. The bald guy in a blue shirt an black tie that you can see just to the right of Seligman shoved me out of the way as he went past. Gosh, I hope he was someone famous ...

Oh, and the tall skinny one was there, too:

So then I went to the eye doctor. She said my eyes are fabulous, but I still need glasses.

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