Friday, June 29, 2007

Uh ... dead air ... uh

I've signed up for Wednesday evening agility class, so I'm going to miss four weeks of my regular radio show. But I won't go into complete withdrawal because I'll be hosting the Mondo Mundo show tomorrow (Sat.) from 1-3 pm (Eastern time). 88.7 FM if you live in the sweet spot, if you don't.

Often my m.o. is to show up about ten minutes before, furiously pull way more stuff than I could possibly play from the stacks, and then let the universe be my guide as to exactly what I play when. But for tomorrow, I actually have a theme of sorts. For some reason I was recently thinking about the huge quantities of what we call "world" music that are actually made by groups based in the US. In fact a lot of really imaginative world "fusion" is going on here--way more good stuff than would fit in a two-hour radio show. So I decided to run with the idea, tossing in Canada just in case I feel like tossing in a Socalled track or something.

I couldn't really come up with a clever name for the show, however. I asked some fellow DJs for suggestions and I got a few: "Overseas over here," "We ARE the world," and "Nameri beat" ... I haven't settled on one. So suggestions are invited.

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Anonymous said...

okay. breathe deep.

Fusion for the masses
World unfurled
Lore of the Worlds
Fusion hot seat
World Shake
World, abridged
Mobile DJ Global Hour
Over the Edge
Mapping (the) World
Musicology of the Worlds Peoples
Probe the Globe

cyber hugs,