Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Chancellory At Trinity Park: Capitulation Nears

People who are more concerned with the Snape Question will be disappointed, for here instead is an update on The Condo Project That Ate Trinity Park. The Trinity Park Neighborhood Association board had declared in an e-mail last month that it was unanimous "in believing that the developer's final parameters did not adequately address the concerns of the BoA and the majority of the neighborhood." The BoA being the Durham Board of Adjustments, who had previously instructed the developer (park City Development) to met with the TPNA board and a group called Neighbors For Sustainable Development in Trinity Park and come up with a compromise that was acceptable to all. Apparently, that wasn't happening because the developers weren't willing to budge, as the TPNA e-mail pointed out. It was looking like Park City would have to go back to the BoA still lacking neighborhood support for their project.

Apparently however, the TPNA decided to ditch the NFSDTP and continue negotiations with Park City on their own----without telling NFSDTP. The TPNA Board is now considering whether to endorse new renderings from Park City that seem to merely rearrange the density so that it's more evenly distributed, getting rid of the most common objection to the project--the seven story height. Meanwhile, the rest of the particulars, including everything else to which the NFSDTP objected, seem to remain the same.

The whole thing will be discussed beginning at 8:00 pm Wednesday evening at the Watts School Media Center. As mentioned previously, I am already engaged that evening so I'll miss the fireworks.

UPDATE: I've edited this entry to correct the name of the neighbors group--I had gotten all the words in the wrong order.


Phil said...

Just as long as you don't confuse them with the Judean People's Front. Or wait, was it the People's Front of Judea?

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