Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Harry Potter and the Scheduling Snafu

I'm a bit disappointed that I will most likely have to wait until next week to see Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix, an event to which I have been looking forward since Goblet of Fire. But unfortunately my schedule is booked solid. Wednesday evening I have an agility class, which I suppose I could skip but I love agility even more than I love HP. But, I also have to pack up that evening because I'm off with a teammate Thursday afternoon to Athens, GA, where we have a flyball tournament this weekend. Not that we couldn't go in Athens, but we may not have any time and we're traveling with dogs, of course, which adds a logistic wrinkle to everything we do. So I'll probably go Monday evening, and those of you who are able to go earlier and inclined to blog about the topic can taunt me with descriptions of just how good Imelda Staunton is as Dolores Umbridge.

But the movie will keep a few days. The important thing is that I am available to spend most of the following weekend reading Book 7, which is even more important to me than the movie. I may even be able to keep myself awake that Friday night for the big hoo-ha at The Regulmocator. Meanwhile, of course, my idle moments will be spent pondering that captivating question. Oh yeah, and re=reading the first six books. I knocked 1 and 2 out over the weekend and am currently plowing through three.


wordnerdy said...

Aw nuts, I'll miss seeing you. The Regulator was a teensy bit lame last time, so we're hitting up Quail Ridge (which has owls).

Yes, I am coming to NC for Harry Potter Weekend.

Lisa B. said...

Well, I will probably only go to pick up my book and leave ... but if I hadn't already pre-ordered it from The Reg I'd consider joining you at Quail Ridge.

On the movie side, I found out the Phoenix theater (how appropriate) at Northgate has a midnight show tonight, but Mr. Pants declines to accompany me, so I guess I'll just wait.