Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh goody, a surprise

I had a great weekend in Georgia. The local Athens paper had an article about the flyball tournament in the Sunday edition, and there's even a little video that sort of explains the sport, in case you're curious.

Mr. Pants and I finally saw Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix last night. Mr. P said it's his favorite so far because he finally got to see a real magic battle. For my part, the battle scene seemed a bit thin compared to the one in the book, but isn't that often the case? I had heard that Evanna Lynch and Imelda Staunton were fantastic as Luna Lovegood and Dolores Umbridge, respectively, and I was not disappointed. I had hoped, based on clips and trailers I'd seen, that Helena Bonham Carter would get a bit more screen time as Bellatrix Lestrange, but maybe that will happen over the next two movies.

My weekend road trip put me behind in my quest to re-read all six previous books. I was so busy I barely had a chance to read, and now I still have books 5 and 6 to go. The only thing Jim Dale, the audiobook voice of the series, will reveal is that Book 6 has a "surprise ending." Hmmm, what would surprise me? Voldemort and Harry settling their differences over a pint of butterbeer?


Irregular Shed said...

We have the lovely flowing tones of Stephen Fry reading the audio books over here. I want Stephen Fry to be my Godfather (in a non-mafia sense).

andrew said...

I saw the movie this week too. I thought the book was just terrible - unedited, poorly executed and with terrible dialogue. Worst of all, it allowed Harry to turn into a rampant misogynist who treats Cho like dirt and whose behavior is never challenged or punished by Rowling. Not that teenage boys don't treat women badly, but she has an audience of half a billion so she could have created some redress, or set an example.

Anyway, I thought the movie pissed all over the book and was the best by far of the series of flicks. I liked the battle too. Luna was a total revelation - I wish there was a series of books just about her. And the whol thing was just very dark and so much better than the previous works.

Lisa B. said...

Yes, I know you hated Book 5 because of Harry's falling-out with Cho ... I think we actually discussed it in these comments, in fact.

I'm not sure if this was my fave of the movies--I think I still like Prisoner of Azkaban best.