Monday, July 02, 2007

Overdue maintenance

At long last, I've updated the template for this blog to include some necessary links and get rid of some old dead ones and such. Most notably, I've added some new "locals" to my little sidebar on the right, and created a new section for "ex-locals," to which I've included Xta's new blog, even though she's not gone yet (I'm very lazy and I figured if I put it there now it will save me having to put it there later). To that list I will eventually have to add Elsa and Dick (who only occasionally honors us with an actual update).

I've also overhauled the other links, which formerly resided on an externally hosted "Blogroll," to which I had signed up once upon a time using a now-extinct email address, and to which I had long also forgotten the password. So I ditched the blogroll and have now added and subtracted some links, all to serve you better, of course, dear reader.

Eventually I will make this whole blog less ugly, probably by switching to the one of the minimalist, plain white templates, but I've run out of steam for today.

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