Friday, August 24, 2007

Fun in that city to the east

Every now and then I go to Raleigh and actually have fun. Last night I ventured with Santa Salsera to Disco Rodeo for the 4th Annual Festival La Ley (which is tied with WUNC as my second-favorite radio station, pulling slightly ahead during pledge drive). We went last year, when it was held at Walnut Creek, and I thought it was odd that this year's would be at Disco Rodeo. How were they going to fit everyone inside? Turns out you just let all the people work out how pack themselves in. I was very happy that Salsera's journalistic connections got us backstage passes, because there was a fire exit there and close to it was where I felt most comfortable hanging out.

And la Salsera coined a new word: durangover. It's what you have in the morning if you stayed out very late the night before listening to duranguense music.

It was fun to see the locals, Rey Norteño (whom I've mentioned here before), who just keep getting better and better. There were several other groups: Tlapehuala Show, Andariego, Los Primos De Durnago and ... um ... a very skinny fashion victim with a good voice whose name escapes me at the moment. Forced to choose between Mexican regional musical styles, I'd take norteño over duranguense any day. But I must say that when you see it live, duranguense really brings the boom. Witness Los Primos de Durango:

Los Primos De Durango from bunchofpants and Vimeo.

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