Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I was all dressed up like an Elvis from hell

Sometimes life is like a B movie:
Hedden stumbled into a party of picnickers with his arm missing and blood gushing from his wound.

Also, I happened to notice that for the second time, Manu Chao's "Rainin' In Paradize" (which is not at all the best cut from his new album, IMO, that one would be "Me Llaman Calle") is a free single on iTunes this week. But more interesting are the reviews people have written. My favorite review: "This is HORRIBLE!!! who wants to buy (in this case get) this stuff. wat happened to love song and bubbly and those good songs. i don't understand the words, it has a horrible tune, and this guy can barely sing!!"


georg said...

wow! so much stupidity crammed into such a small space. i think my fave was the person who actually LIKED the song cos it reminded them of ricky martin

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, that was my second fave.