Sunday, September 16, 2007

Mr. Ray update

First: Mondo Mundo went well yesterday. Here's the playlist.

Now the real news, at least for those of you who fondly remember the DC/Baltimore area Mr. Ray's Hair Weave commercials: Alert reader "sdcafunnyguru" has dug up a TV story on Baltimore-area business proprietors who do their own commercials, and it features Mr. Ray himself:

Now if only I could find one of the classic circa-'70s Mr. Ray's Hair Weave commercials on the nets. So far all I've seen are this one and this one, both of which seem more latter-day, probably late-80s early 90s.


rick4464 said...

I am looking for the same commercial on the internet to show my wife and remind her of the classic commercial from when I was growing up. I recently saw the commercial on a documentary about John Waters when he was making Pink Flamingos. He wanted Mr Ray to do a voice over in the movie but he refused. They had the full commercial from the 70's but I cannot find it online.

Lisa B. said...

I saw that documentary ... how awesome would it have been if Mr. Ray had agreed.

I've still had no luck finding the original commercials. I wish Mr. Ray would get a YouTune account and post them ;-)