Friday, October 12, 2007

27 8 x10 glossies with circles and arrows and a paragraph on the back of each one

Oh hey there. I've been working late every night helping to bring you The Big Event which starts today. But the good news is we have a home for the cute little puppy we've been fostering. I guess I should say pending home, because the people aren't picking her up until Sunday night and they can always change their minds. But if that happens there's a waiting list of two other people who are interested. I'm very glad, because puppies are too much work. When we add another dog to our household, it's going to be about a year old already.


Anonymous said...

Next time you add a dog to the household, I hope it IS a teenager or older dog. I've always felt strongly that cute lil puppies are easier to place, whereas more mature dogs (who are SO grateful for a good home) just don't have the "aww" appeal. I am happy to have adopted each of my current pound-puppies when they were at least 6 months old; they were too big to be darlin but big enough to be housebroken. Did have to go through a whole lotta CHEWING, though. During that phase, I contributed hundreds of dollars to the Durham library system, as the pups always preferred hardbacks to paperbacks. All worth it! --Lisa S.

Lisa B. said...

Even a few adult dogs still love chewing!

We had an adult foster dog a few years ago that took seven months to get a home. He had two strikes against him: he was big and rambunctious, and he was black (big black dogs are notoriously hard to find homes for). But he was house-trained, and he was a complete lovebug. I still miss him sometimes, but Mr. Gomez (our boy dog) didn't like him so there's no way he could have stayed her permanently.