Monday, October 01, 2007

Data breach!

So someone hacked into wherever they store employee and dependent info at my husband's job and stole folks' digits and whatnot. His info was most likely compromised, and mine was possibly. So we had to call the Masters of the Universe (TransUnion, Equifax and Experian) to place a fraud alert on our credit info. So for the next 90 days if anyone wants to access my credit info, they will call me first.

But here's the thing that gets me: Why isn't that the default operating procedure? Why is our credit data just open to whomever the hell wants to check it? Seems to me that we SHOULD be notified every time someone pings our info unless we specifically ask not to be. So I think that in 90 days, when this fraud alert expires, I'm going to call them up and place another one. I wonder if there is a way to just put a permanent fraud alert on my credit info?

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mamacita chilena said...

Yikes, identity theft and the like has always seemed pretty crazy to me. I wouldn't even know where to call if something like that happened to me! Good luck, I hope this doesn't cause you any further hassle!