Friday, October 19, 2007

Mondo mundane

In true "I had corn flakes for breakfast" stylee, I present to you a mostly true roundup of news and activities since I last bothered to blog:
  • I did not have corn flakes for breakfast.

  • Cute puppy Pinky Laverne probably has a home. She goes there tonight, and assuming they don't suddenly come to their senses after a few days she's theirs to keep. Big thank yous to a couple of Mr. Pants' co-workers who have cared for her while he's out of town this week and I'm unable to come home during the day and attend to her copious bodily needs.

  • There is something dead under my deck. I have been unable to locate it visually, and unwilling to crawl under the deck (ground clearance: about 2 1/2 feet) and search for it. I hope it's a rat.

  • I went to the fair Wednesday and met up with Santa Salsera. We ate apple fries:
    apple fries
    She ate a corn dog:
    corn dog
    and a frozen banana on a stick:
    frozen banana on a stick
    We ogled but did not partake in french fries:
    french fries
    And I went up to some complete strangers and asked if I could photograph the food they were carrying:
    italian and polishpotato chips
    We need the photos at for work, see.

  • In response to a question on our listserv about how many trick-or-treaters to expect, someone in my 'hood is planning to make a mash-up map of Hallowe'en candy disbursement across Trinity Park. We are all to report in our totals after the fact and he will map them, thus helping us all to plan accordingly for next year. A fine example of using geekiness for good and not evil. If they weren't relatively expensive compared to candy I'd consider giving out some freethought non-tracts so the kids in my hood could feel the disappointment I felt whenever somebody gave me a Chick tract instead of candy.

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