Saturday, December 22, 2007

When Sunday morning dandruff turns out to be confetti

There's nothing like an impending move, even if it's a few months away, to make you suddenly realize how much stuff you have that you don't really need. I posted four things on Durham Freecycle today and three of them went claimed within the hour. The quickest was the huge batch of X-mas wrapping paper left over from back when Mr. Pants worked for the wrapping paper company. It was a hot item and everyone wanted it. It had been sitting around here for years, and suddenly it had to go. It seemed like a good idea to bring it home at the time, until we realized we were generally too, er, frugal to buy anyone x-mas presents.

I also took a bunch of stuff to Goodwill and sold some books to Nice Price. And I still have too much stuff left.

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