Thursday, March 29, 2007

Battlestar Galactica fans only ...

Has it jumped the shark? Anyone who watched this week's season finale, what do you think? Mr. Pants has been complaining about how the show just isn't as good for a while (I agree that the whole Apollo/Starbuck/Dualla/Anders love trapezoid was tedious and snoresome), but I have been holding out hope. But after the finale, I've begun to wonder if it's all just become too silly. When the (slight spoiler alert) four alleged Cylons started spouting Bob Dylan lyrics I think I groaned audibly. I'd love to hear some other opinions.

And what's this about it returning in 2008? I have to wait until 2008 to decide if I still like it or not? Not fair!

Maybe I'll start rewatching all the Firefly episodes ...

Monday, March 26, 2007

Monday's child is peevish and morose ...

To the person near me who kept a crying puppy outside all night long last night: if you keep this up I will become a major pain in your ass. I promise. I'll make sure you don't get any sleep, just like I didn't last night, until you either take the puppy inside where it belongs or it's placed in a new home where they have consideration for both the dog and their neighbors.

In other news, I just read a great book: And Then We came to the End by Joshua Ferris. I'm often afraid to read fiction because the world is littered with too many shitty, pointless books by shitty, pointkess writers who somehow manage to get publishing contracts probably because they know someone who knows someone, but I let a couple of good reviews convince me to check this one out. (Thanks Durham County Library.) It's funny and entertaining, and it validated my opinion that working in an office is inherently deforming. There was one little vignette that really hit home: a guy who works as a "creative" (which is what I ostensibly am) realizes that by and large he is just a turd polisher, trying to make the best of something that's essentially shitty by design because that's the way the client wanted it. That's exactly the way I feel most days.

Maybe if I can get some fucking sleep tonight I'll feel more like a "creative" tomorrow ...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

All hail the Tire King!

When a tire seems unwilling to hold onto its full allotment of air, it's trying to tell you something. Granted, it's whispering softly, but if you don't listen soon enough, it may resort to yelling at you when you're pushing 65 on the Durham Freeway. At least that's what I discovered this morning on my way to work. Another thing I discovered is that when you exit at Briggs Ave., it appears you're out in the middle of nowhere, even though you know you're within spitting distance of the cutting edge of science and technology. Having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere at 7:45 am on a day when you have a dentist appointment can be what those in the mental health business call a "stress event."

Thank the Flying Spaghetti Monster for the crack phone! When faced with decisions (do I break out the spare doughnut and attempt to put it on? Do I remember how to change a tire? Do I call AAA?), I'm able to deflect them all by calling Mr. Pants. He has a nifty little portable air compressor and decided that we should first attempt to fill the tire. However, it refused our offering of air. Well, it took some of it but wouldn't budge above 34 psi. When Mr. P turned off the compressor, the tire just sat and spewed our lovely gift of air right back at us. So Mr. P commenced installing the spare doughnut, with a bit of help from me: I was able to recall from my forays into tire-changing that one should always loosen the lug nuts before the car is balanced precariously atop the jack.

Doughnut in place, I turned around and headed downtown to my pals at the Tire King (500 Rigsbee Ave.). About six months ago when a bad tire kept me from passing inspection, I bought a couple of new ones at Tire King. They were so wonderful I decided to go back next time I needed tires. And that time had come--the flat had been trying to tell me "I'm old and worn out, please put me out of my misery." The guy even remembered me. I bought another pair, so I'm good to go for a while on all four--with free tire repair and rotation ... maybe if I remember to get them rotated I won't always be needing tires at inconvenient times and places. But where's the adventure in that?

At any rate, I made it to work and then to my dental appointment, where they put on a temporary onlay to fix a cracked molar (the permanent one goes on in a couple of weeks.) The temp fell off after a couple of hours. I pressed it back into place and called the dentist. They told me to come back in tomorrow to get it cemented in better. Later this evening, I accidentally ate it. Well, not all of it ... I was able to pull pieces of it out of my mouth after I realized it wasn't a potato chip that I was biting into.

I hope tomorrow is really boring.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Marmite update

happy happy joy joy!

I've been running around an agility field with Lucy all weekend (we did very well, thanks!), so I didn't get a chance to mention that a shiny jar of Marmite Guinness arrived at mi casa a couple of days ago. It came from Wales, specifically La Casa de Shed. It's damn good stuff ... if you like Marmite.

Now I'm hoping that a tiny Tony the Newsagent t-shirt arrives soon chez Shed's for wee Shed Jr., also known as Jack.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Kirby the dog (see last post) has been found. By yesterday afternoon every news outlet in town had jumped on the story (c'mon: kid with cancer + lost dog = great human interest story!), and lots of people took time to go look around the area where he was lost (I had gone down there for about an hour Wednesday evening). Anyway, here's the N&O story about it.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Lost dog!

From the Durham Dog Park e-mail list, I learned that a little Wheaten terrier escaped two days ago from a car that was involved in an accident near 15-501 and MLK Blvd (the old South Square mall area). His owner is a young boy visiting from California for cancer treatments at Duke Childrens Hospital, and he's apparently very distraught that his dog has gone missing. I can imagine how he feels.

The dog has since been seen hanging out at the McDonalds on 15-501 (right by the Big Tower In The Middle of Nowhere). The manager told a friend of mine that he's seen the dog a lot (duh, dude, and you haven't even called Animal Control or anything? It's not like we have roving packs of Wheatens in Durham and they are an everyday sight. Chow and pit pull mixes, maybe. And that area is a particularly dangerous place for a roving dog to be, given the traffic.)

Anyway, locals: if you're in that area, look for a small (about 20 lbs.), light-colored (but probably dirty by now), long-haired (perhaps all matted) dog. His name is Kirby ... I have no idea if he will come when you call. If you spot him call Durham Animal Control at 919-560-0630/0631. If you actually catch him and have him in-hand, call becky Norman at 815-1844.

UPDATE: ABC 11 ran a story about Kirby. Also, a volunteer has stepped forward to be a contact for "Kirby sightings" to keep tabs on his whereabouts. So, anyone who sees the dog but cannot catch it can report to Debbie Agee: 919-744-7917 (cell) or 919-309-9668 (home).

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Speaking of ...

John Waters now has a TV show. It's called "Til Death Do Us Part" and it's about spousal murder. Apparently they re-enact a new true spousal murder story every week. Unfortunately for me, it's on Court TV, which is not included in our ghetto cable package. I'll have to wait until it's out on DVD. Anyway, here's John Waters appearance on "The Daily Show" yesterday:

Monday, March 12, 2007

Franklin, VA, smells very bad

I was at a flyball tournament all weekend in Franklin, VA.

Yeah, exciting, I know.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Who would put that on toast?

Here's a video in which British pop singer Jamelia, of whom I have never heard, tries Marmite (and talks about other products, about which I do not care). Is that one of her hits in the background, and is it a remix of The Stranglers?

That's all I've got at this time.