Wednesday, January 23, 2008


The wood floors at Casa de Pants are being redone this week, so I'm currently living at a friend's house. She's roughly in the vicinity of Bethesda in Southeast Durham. I'd never really been in this area before (except maybe that time I desperately needed gas so I exited 147 at Ellis Avenue because the sign said there was a gas station. There is--you have to go Miami Boulevard and turn left--and when you're running on fumes it feels like a long way.)

Turns out this area is extremely convenient for a daily commute to Raleigh. Hmmm. Also an easy and quick drive to my dog training facility. Double hmmm. But, a quick look at the MLS shows that everything here seems to be at the tippy top of my price range or higher, probably because the houses are decent sized (usually 3 bedrooms or larger) and have good-sized yards. So I might not be able afford to live here. Plus I'd be giving up the "walkability" of Trinity Park, but to tell the truth the only time I really walk anywhere is when I'm taking the dogs for their exercise. Otherwise I'm so busy going to and from Raleigh for work or going out to PBH to teach classes, take classes or practice agility that I don't have time to walk anywhere. Or do much at all, really. Why not live out in the middle of nowhere if it gets me where I need to be more quickly? And I really would love a nice big yard for dog play ...

(And please, no one post the obvious question: "Why don't you move to Raleigh?" Fuck Raleigh. And besides, the only places I can afford there are the types where I'd have to shovel crackhead poop out of my flowerbeds every day. And yes, they DO have crackheads in Raleigh. Cary has ordinances prohibiting them, I believe.)


Marsosudiro said...

Bethesda is indeed kind of interesting.

I lived there for a month after helping my friend Hal move into his new house.

What I liked best about Bethesda was the drive between there and downtown on Angier Ave. Such a completely completely different part of Durham from what most of my peers know of town (i.e., only stuff west of downtown).

If you had money, you'd almost want t buy up whole swaths of east Durham to fix them up. There's gentrification and there's repair and healing. Lots of what you could do would be repair and healing.

Lisa B. said...

yeah, I see lots of things I could afford in East Durham--some don't even need that much work, they're just cheap because the neighborhoods aren't considered "good" ones. I don't know how true that is of some of the places, but one thing that weighs heavily in my mind is whether I would feel safe as a single woman in any given 'hood. Bethesda has a semi-rural feel to it that is rather comforting, although there seems to be a good deal of new construction going on there, so I don't know how long that will last.

That house is completely awesome! I only hope something similar will become available over the next weeks/months as I'm looking!