Friday, January 25, 2008

Nobody wants to be your friend cause you're not from round here

So tomorrow I'll start my house hunt for reals by going out with my agent and looking at a few places. I'm very excited, although I know from experience that it always starts out that way but then later you start to dread looking at yet another crappy house, wondering what the hell this next one is going to smell like ...

Anyway, I was quite surprised when my agent--who grew up in Durham, still lives here and is in fact the person who suggested Mr. Pants and I live in Durham when we first thought of relocating to this area--asked why I wasn't considering any houses in Raleigh. Because eww, that's why. I honestly can't come up with any reason to live in Raleigh other that it would get me to work more quickly ... and save gasoline and spew fewer destructive emissions into the atmosphere. But it would lengthen my commute to the dog training facility three or four times a week, which means I'd just be spewing emissions going the other direction (until they come up with a transit system that allows people to take their dogs places, at least). Oh, and also, Raleigh is full of the kind of people who like living in places like Raleigh, and I prefer the kind of people who like living in places like Durham.

But I told her I would look at whatever she wanted to show me. She sent me a few listings and I see that a few of them are fairly close to 540, which means I would be able to get the hell out of Raleigh fairly quickly, which would be a must. And a couple of them look rather cute. So we'll see, but I have a very hard time imagining myself as a Raleigh resident.


Anonymous said...

don't forget about Mebane!! We have a great front porch community, with good people and atmoshere. It's also a reasonable commute to many areas.


Lisa B. said...

I love Mebane! But it would be such a long commute to Raleigh every day. Otherwise it would be great for me.

Anonymous said...

How industrious do you feel? WRAL had a news report of a free house in durham which would have to be moved. There's a lot of organizing to get an old house moved, between buying property to move it to, building a foundation, and having mechanicals hooked up. It's an excellent example of ultimate conservatioon and recycling!! I love my 102 yearold house too. There's something to say about old construction. New houses don't have a personality or character like old ones.


Related ItemsThe owner of the Tate House, in the Trinity Heights local historic district, has offered to sell it for free, if the buyer pays to move the house.

Historic House Is Free – if You Move It

Posted: Jan. 28 8:44 a.m.
Updated: Jan. 28 11:11 a.m.

Durham — Acquiring a historic Durham home could be done for free if the buyer is willing to move. The house, that is.

The owner of the Tate House, in the Trinity Heights local historic district, has offered to give away the house – but not the land it's on. The taker must pay to move the house from its 1704 W. Markham St. address.

In February 2007, the Durham County Historic Preservation Commission granted permission to demolish the Tate House, but ordered a 365-day delay to look for a buyer. Now time is almost up.

The cost of moving a house starts around $25,000. The owner of the Tate House has offered to chip in $5,000 to defray the costs.

The Tate House dates to the 1920s, when local factory workers lived there. A number of Duke faculty members later lived the house.

Lisa B. said...

Someone forwarded the Tate House thing to out neighborhood e-mail list. Somehow I think a plot of land and moving the house would cost me a lot more than $150,000. But I suppose I could be industrious and find out what it would cost ...

Ross Grady said...

OK, #1 some of our best friends live in Raleigh. Heck, I used to live in Raleigh. I got the #$%^& out in the '90s, but still.

#2, if one is going to live in Raleigh, the only real reason to do so is to live inside-the-beltline so you can have some proximity to the things that are worth doing in Raleigh. Plz plz plz don't become one of those people who think that living in proximity to I-540 is somehow living "in Raleigh." Blech.

#3 -- I have a friend who lives in a '60s-era neighborhood right behind the NC Museum of Art. His house is total kinda-ugly split-level-ranch, but the neighborhood is nice, it's on the Durham side of town, he can walk to the NCMA, and it didn't cost an arm & a leg. There are still pockets of inexpensive coolness in Raleigh, you might just gotta be willing to live in a '60s split-level ranch.

#4: What Aboot Parkwood? My friends who live there seem to love it, and while you give up walkable proximity to downtown Derm, you wind up within 5 minutes' drive of all the good Korean food in RTP. Mmmmmm.

Lisa B. said...

What if I don't really want to live "in Raleigh"? Can I live out near 540 then? ;-)

I don't have a lot of time to do cool things, anyway, because all I do is train dogs and go to agility trials and flyball tournaments. And work, of course. So all I want is to be close to work and the dog training facility. That's it.

Also, I love Parkwood. I have a friend who lives there, and the location would really work for me. But for some reason, my agent is trying her best to talk me out of it--she thinks it's gone completely downhill and the older sections--the ones I can afford--are seedy.

And I actually love '60s split-level ranches. If I can't live in a '20s bungalow, I think I want a ranch (split level or not).