Friday, January 04, 2008

One big pile is better than two little piles

The fun never ends at the soon-to-be-ex Casa de Pants. We have to refinish the wood floors. (Note to self: next casa will most definitely NOT have pine floors. Oh sure, they're all pretty and historic and shit, but they're soft as hell and completely unsuitable for people with dogs.)

Aside from the kitchen and the bathrooms, there is only one room in the house that does not have wood floors. Fortunately, it's a fairly large room, because now I have to attempt to cram every item in the casa into it for about five days. Obviously, I'll have to live somewhere else, not just because my two little dogs and won't fit comfortably into the one room with all the stuff, but because the polyurethane fumes will make us keel over. I have an understanding friend who will take us in, but one of the little dogs will probably have to stay with the soon-to-be-ex Mr. Pants (and the big dog, of whom s-t-b-e MP has custody.) It will suck. Hugely.

I'm really feeling pissy right now and I hope that someone's sinuses are killing him and he's miserable.


Anonymous said...

Lisa B, I'm sorry about the crap. Remember, crap is cyclical.

I wanted to put in a plug for laminate flooring, as a person who loves dogs and low-maintenance flooring:

With the constant wear of dogs (and kids) on a hideous juxtaposition of parquet wood tile, carpet that got oh-so-skanky, and subdivision-grade vinyl flooring, I was sufficiently motivated many years back to hire someone to tear it all up and replace it with laminate flooring. Let me tell you, it has beautifully withstood the constant click of doggie toenails. I've even danced in tap shoes on this flooring. It's sold in planks or squares that tightly fit together with grooves. The only downside is that it shows streaks with regular water mopping, so one must add vinegar or ammonia to the water when mopping...if one cares, that is. Laminate flooring is made of the same stuff that countertops are made of, and it's so tough you can remove a gummy scuff mark with nail polish if need be.

But back to the important matter, I hope you get through this crap cycle in a better place!

--Lisa S.

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, my mom replacehed the linoleum in her last house with laminate and it was far superior. But I love hardwood floors--with the emphasis on "hard"! But then again, it's not like I can afford a top shelf house when I buy, so I'm likely to end up with crap carpet/vinyl flooring, in which case I will save up some scratch and replace them with laminate.

Mamacita Chilena said...

That doesn't sound very enjoyable at all. I guess I just have to second the above person's comment...this too shall pass. Although I have nothing to say about laminate flooring like the above person did ;)

I prefer carpeting to hardwood flooring. Like you, I had a bad experience with pine floors! I about broke my ankle on the soft spots in one of the houses I rented, multiple times. It pissed me off!