Thursday, January 10, 2008

“this one is north argentinian folkstep gauchito cowboy cumbia! this one is psychadelic cumbia!"

I don't want to talk about my wood floors or why I run away as fast as I can when I see the words "Location, location, location!" in a real estate listing. I'll post about that later. I wants to talk musics.

I may have mentioned here before that I'm cuckoo for cumbia, particularly in its "nu" forms all mashed up with beats and loops and whatnot. Since I like to use this here bloggy thing to evangelize about my musics, I must now share with you el groove del momento, mad decent worldwide radio #21 - SOY CUMBIA!. You have to listen with the little embedded player on the site, but it's well worth being tethered to the computadora via earbuds for however long is lasts (maybe 10 minutes? I dunno, it made me lose track of time).

I must give thanks to the always cool La Onda Tropical for turning me on to this via a post on a blog called Turn That Shit Off, which is written in spanglish, so just go there and click on all its linky goodness even if you don't understand.

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