Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So dig this big crux

The house is ready to sell. At least it was two days ago--I've lived in it since. I had an awesome agility weekend with Lucy, the details of which are located where they are least likely to accidentally bore anyone.

Now I'm sick with that flu thingie. Monday and Tuesday I had a fever of 102, which really messes a body up. I've currently got no fever, but I still feel like ass. In fact, it's time for my midmorning nap, I think.


Barb said...

Hope you feel better soon. They say the flu is going around right now. Did you not get a flu shot? Though, I dont think the shot saves you from all illnesses. Im sure being under some stress wears one down and they get sick. So try to take time to do things for yourself. Like a fun agility weekend where you get MAD!! Wohoo!!! Or a fun Mah seminar with your friends. Yeah!!!!

Lisa B. said...

I did get a flu shot--for the first time in 5 years. I've heard that the strains the shot covered aren't what's going around, though.

Right now what I'm doing for myself is lying around watching movies. And drinking lots of juice and green tea.