Tuesday, February 12, 2008

You won't be seeing rainbows any more

Waaahhh! My car needs a new(er) engine. Which means I need a newer car. Anyone know of a dogmobile for sale that gets decent mileage/ I don't think I'll be getting my brand-new Honda Fit at this point. Waaahhh!


spacegrrl said...

i think there are a couple of possible candidates on the bulletin board where work. mail me at spacepod at gmail dot com and i can send you the listings.

also, you *can* put a rebuilt engine in a car. if the car is otherwise sound, that can be a good option to get some more life out of it.

Lisa B. said...

The car isn't actually otherwise sound. The suspension is shot--has been for a while, and I frankly expected the transmission to start giving me big problems before anything else because it's felt a little iffy at times.