Saturday, March 08, 2008

Dance to this fix and flex every muscle

This blog entry is brought to you by the number three. Three showings on the house today, three yesterday, in fact three every day. I just made myself and the dogs scarce for three hours. I took them down to PBH and did some training (Pinky) and practice (Lucy) for a while and then let them run around, and still I had some time to kill. How do you kill time with dogs in the car? I couldn't really go anywhere because the sun kept coming out and I couldn't really leave them in the car. So I decided to drive around Parkwood for a while.

I sort of understand what my agent is talking about now. Because while Parkwood looks like a place I'd be perfectly happy in, I can see where (at least in the older sections, which are the parts I can afford) the houses might not sell very quickly or hold value well. There are smatterings of houses in ugly disrepair, some houses with ten cars and an old ice cream truck in the driveway (OK, only one with an old ice cream truck, but plenty with cars that have obviously been sitting there for a long time), and a lot of little signs that some people are really letting things slide. I personally don't get uptight about everything not being pristine, but how the neighbors keep up their places does affect one's property values. So Parkwood really doesn't show well. There's even one burnt out house on McCormick that my friend says has been there abandoned for a while. The really puzzling thing is that Parkwood has a neighborhood association with mandatory dues and everything (which is a negative point against it, IMO). I always thought that the whole purpose of a neighborhood association was to browbeat homeowners into keeping their property looking spiffy, but that doesn't seem to be the case in Parkwood.

It's really a pity because it's in a great location for a lot of people, situated between RTP and Southpointy. Or, in my case, close to 40 for a commute to Raleigh and less than 10 minutes from my dog training facility. Plus the lot sizes in the older parts are incredible and there are lots of trees. But since I'll be sinking a lot of dough into whatever I buy (no sub-prime mortgages for me--I'll be making a hefty down-payment!) I need to look at it from an investment perspective. So maybe Parkwood's not the place for me.

Tomorrow I'll have some time to kill as well, as I need to make myself and the dogs scarce for the open house. Not just that, but some agent wants to show the place from 12-1 (before the open house), so I'll have to make us all disappear twice. It sort of ticks me off that people want to schedule something before the open house because, hello, OPEN HOUSE! It means come on in and see my flipping house, doesn't it? Perhaps these people think they are too good to rub elbows with the hoi polloi. So I told the scheduler to put a note in the file asking all other agents who want to show it tomorrow to just come to the dang open house, please. Anyway, so now I've got to take my dogs out for an hour and then come back and really, really quickly bake all the dang cookies (slice-and-bake, of course) I was going to make to fill the house with subliminal olfactory messages to buy stuff. No, I'm not going to bake the cookies before the 12 o'clock showing--if they want cookies they can come to the open house like everyone else!!

Then, after the open house my agent is going to take me to see some houses in Derm. I hope they aren't too depressing.


andrew said...

Screw houses! Buy the ice cream truck!!!

Lisa B. said...

Actually, I was thinking I could maybe just buy a big-ass RV and live in the Wal-mart parking lot ...