Friday, March 07, 2008

Ding dangity darn

By the time my agent called to get me an appointment to see the house in Duke Park, it was already under contract, after less than a day on the MLS. I guess I'm not the only one who heard mariachis when I saw the listing. Oh well, I couldn't have made an offer yet anyway, because my house needs to be under contract first. Maybe I should just start hunting apartments instead. Anyone know of a place that allows both pets (two small, neat, mostly well-behaved dogs who don't shed much) and month-to-month leases?

Also, our house showed three more times yesterday. We have showing instructions for people to give Lucy a treat (from a jar by the door) when they come in, because then she'll leave people alone and go sit in one of her chairs. I need to get this place under contract before she gets fat!


Anonymous said...

But maybe, like the aroma of chocolate chip cookies baking, the sight of a fat dog will make the place feel attractively "homey" and help move it. :) Good luck with the sale. (Some day I want to find out what your realtor has against Parkwood.

--Lisa S.

Lisa B. said...

I think the sight of Lucy in one of her comfy spots is homey enough without her being too fat to ndo agility ;-)

As for Parkwood, my agent thinks that home values there have not risen to the same extent as other neighborhoods, and that the homes don't sell as quickly. She also thinks the older sections of Parkwood have been allowed to become a bit shabby, and she wants to see me buy in a place that's going uphill so my home will increase in value. All sound arguments, but then again, geographically Parkwood makes sense for me ... So I'm caught between the need to live in a location that works for me and the desire to make a really good investment in a house.