Tuesday, March 04, 2008

God I love having a blog ...

I get to post, post post to my heart's content ... And I'm really on the "What the hell is wrong with people" topic today:
So I got an e-mail about a stolen APS Foster dog (Info is here), so I cross-posted it to the Durham Dog park list. The email said
Gizmo, a 12 year old deaf pekingese (an APS of Durham dog) was stolen from her foster home in Durham on Friday 2/29. We are all sick with worry about her. Will you please join our effort to find her by posting flyers as widely as possible. Here is a link to her poster. http://www.jane3dog.com/gizmo
In response to my post, some coward who didn't sign his/her real name to the e-mail (just the yahoo ID "kerumbo") sent a response--to the dog park list!!--that said
Don't mind Lisa. She was recently and rightfully smacked-down by a number of her neighbors who resented her race-baiting reaction to a recent complaint by a burglary victim, and she is still smarting.

Whoever allegedly hung the alleged noose is obviously an idiot, but we have no evidence that it was not done by someone exactly like her, rather than by one of her phantom "racist" neighbors.

I am sorry if this group of good people, and the grieving owner of a lost dog, have been further stressed by Lisa and her evil imaginings about the ill-will of everyone except herself and her own closed circle.

Christ on a cracker, what the hell goes through these people's heads? I truly am completely surrounded by crazies and morons and crazy morons.


Sarah said...

I saw that kerfuffle on the dog park list! What an ass! Your earlier post was the only reason I had any vague idea what they were talking about.

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, people are bizarre. And stupid.