Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Let's ride the tiger down river Euphrates

We had three showings on our house today, which is pretty good considering it just appeared on the MLS yesterday. My lovely neighbor M. sent me a link to this Trinity Park House and said it's only been on the market for two days and there's a bidding war going on. Wow, two bedrooms and one bathroom for $329,000 (or more, as it may turn out). Look what a bargain my house is.

Anyway, I feel like I really need to get on the stick and figure out where I'm going to live. I was thinking about the distance I drive to work and I realized that a normal person in my circumstances would probably just move to Raleigh and cut the commute each way from 35-40 minutes to 10-20 (and save a lot on gas). It would be a longer drive to the dog training facility several days a week, and I'd be a lot farther from most of my friends, who all live in Durham, Chapel Hill and Carrboro, but I'd probably end up saving much time and money. I really hate my daily commute.

But the question is, which do I hate less, the commute or Raleigh? I'm really not that into Raleigh. It seems too big and congested and just not friendly or charming at all. Durham feels cozier, welcoming (well, except for that hysterical mob of Trinity Park bigots) and comfortable to me. I suppose I could decide once and for all to give up the secure state job with the pension that looks better every year I work there and get a job in Durham.

So right now I'm just trying to keep an open mind and thinking that I'll look at houses in both places and at some point the universe will hit me with a bolt of lightning or something when I find the place I'm supposed to live. Well, I hope it's a little gentler than lightning, like maybe a mariachi band. (Speaking of mariachis, there will be some playing at Taqueria Lopez on Friday night. Anyone up for it?)

So then yesterday my agent called and said there will be a house coming on the market in my price range any day now on Powell Dr., which is just off Western Blvd. near the fairgrounds. I drove by it and it's nothing special to look at, but it is in a part of Raleigh I would consider ... i.e., close enough to 40 to get to Durham quickly. Then she sent me a listing for another one just off Buck Jones Rd. in the same general area. I drove by it and it's not bad. I'll have a look at both of them.

I also drove through Brentwood during lunch because a co-worker lives there and loves it, and there are a few eligible house there. It's really cute, actually. Or rather, the western half, where the houses are all '50s and '60s ranches and split-levels, is cute. The eastern half was built in the '80s and '90s and it's a little depressing. It's also a really quick commute to workby car, and on a bus line that goes straight into downtown (as a state employee I can ride the CAT buses for free). But it would take me longer to get to Durham/Chapel Hill.

Then again, there are still places I need to look at in Durham, so maybe I'll bag the Raleigh idea and stay right here. I'm still very interested in Parkwood, because I have big-yard envy and the older homes there all sit on decent-sized lots. My agent makes a little face every time I mention Parkwood, but I'm going to drag her ass down there anyway.

Oh yeah, and if I wanted to stay in Trinity Park there's a tiny, ugly little house without much of a back yard on Woodland Ave. that I could afford.


spacegrrl said...

sometimes i wonder if it's your agent you should ditch, not your job or durham or whatever. sheesh.

there are also alternatives to raleigh, like morrisville. it's probably not your kind of place, but it would make both commutes somewhat manageable.

i grew up in raleigh, though, so i don't see it as unfriendly, exactly, but i agree that durham feels more laid back.

Sarah said...

Mariachis at Taqueria Lopez! I'm up for that if I'm not too tired from shoveling dirt all day.

Lisa B. said...

My agent's not pressuring me to move to Raleigh, just including the listings in what she sends me (which include lots more Durham places than Raleigh.) I just hate my damn commute--I've hated it for more than 7 years now, and I finally started thinking that now would be the time to do something about it.

I can't afford anything but a condo in Morrisville, and I don't want a condo.

Yay, Mariachis and Mexican food!! I'll get in touch tomorrow afternoon, Sarah!

rick said...

i was so depressed in raleigh. that was the most depressed i have ever been. do not move to raleigh if you have even the slightest doubt that you will like living there.

Anonymous said...

hey pants,
plant one of these in your yard:


Lisa B. said...

rick, I'm sort of afraid i'd get depressed in Raleigh, too, because none of my friends would want to come visit because I'm all the way over in fucking Raleigh, or I'd throw a party and no one would come because it's all the way in fucking Raleigh ...

I should just find a job an Durham and get rid of the commute that way ...

Burnt, I have a box full of virgins and saints in my attic (seriously)--I bet there is a Saint joseph in there somewhere