Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Little Trinity Park of horrors

OK, I just have to update yesterday's post to note that there was a huge outpouring of defense for the guy who posted the "call the cops on minorities" thing to our listserv yesterday. Yep, it seems that Trinity Parkers by and large have no problem with someone calling for "minorities" (in this case that should be strictly interpreted as "black people") to be automatically treated with suspicion in Trinity Park. Not only that, but Mr. Pants, who knows first-hand what it's like to be stopped, questioned and searched by cops because someone called in a "suspicious black man" report, has been labeled a bully because of his remarks. Well, OK, the guy who said that is one Jon Ham, who is always posting his barely intelligible nutbag rantings on the TP list and can very safely be ignored.

Oh, and I stridently defended Mr. Pants so now I'm a bully, too. And when I mentioned that black people actually live in the neighborhood "much to the chagrin of some of you" another neighbor wrote to me and said she was upset that I was attacking her personally. Well it's not really for me to decide how well that shoe fits you ... (Part of my reply to her: "While you people live in fear that someone will call you racist, I've lived in fear that my husband will be beaten by some overzealous cop just for existing in Trinity Park in his black skin.")

And this brings me to another point: the really funny thing is that neither Mr. Pants nor I used the word "racist" to describe the original poster, but the thing that he and his defenders seem most upset about is that someone called them racists. Yes, to these people, the idea that someone may think they are racist is the most frightening thing of all. To them, the idea of calling the police on all "minorities" is a very logical response to a break-in in which the perpetrator was allegedly a black guy. So if he was a white guy, I suppose their response would be "call the police on all white people?" Why that would just be silly, wouldn't it? But no on seems to get that, least of all the guy who originally posted, who is very indignant that anyone would think for a moment that he's racist.

Meanwhile, who wants to buy a cute little bungalow in Trinity Park? There's going to be an open house on Sunday. I should note that the people on my street are very, very nice, except for that one house full of Duke soccer players (or something, I'm not exactly sure what their sport is), who are assholes.


spacegrrl said...

i think at this point, my determination to never live in the appropriately-abbreviated "TP" is fairly well cemented. no thank you!

i've been thinking about the term in the original mail, "minorities". it seems like a failed attempt at being politically correct by being incredibly vague. everyone who read seemed to agree that by "minority" he really meant black, but he wasn't specific. should the cops be called on all the gay people who pass his house? the women? the asian people? the redheads? anyone who passes his house and happens to be disabled? how about dogs and cats, of which i imagine there are fewer than humans in the neighborhood? particularly unusual species of insects sighted in his vicinity?

my god, you people had better get on the phone full time! there are so many minorities all around us!

le sigh.

Lisa B. said...

Yeah, there are a lot of Latinos living on my street, so they're always walking by on their way to the bus stop or taking their kids to George Watts school. I should just have a police cruiser park out in front of my house! In fact, the little kid who brought us Pinky is Honduran ... we should have called the cops on him!

But I must say that the people on my street are really nice. Probably because it's not one of the poshest TP streets ... also, I'd probably have a different picture of the 'hood if I didn't subscribe to the listserv.