Saturday, March 22, 2008

Not having to work makes it Great Friday

Had the to day off yesterday. The Pants Mother came in to town, and in the afternoon we went to look at houses. I think I'm going to stop looking until our house is under contract, because I can't make any offers and if I see something I love I know it's not going to be around by the time I can actually try to buy it. Such was the case with an absolutely awesome house on Gresham Ave., which is my favorite street in Northgate Park. The house was listed on Thursday, and when we got there to see it on Friday there was someone else waiting for their agent in front. It would have been absolutely perfect for me, so of course there was an offer on it by the end of the day.

I saw some other houses that would do. But I don't love them. One of them has a fantastic flat, fenced half-acre lot, but the layout of the house is not-so-great. Another one is adorable with a lovely yard, but it's heated with fuel oil, not natural gas. Also, there's no dishwasher and no place to install one, and I'm a little spoiled--I lived in a house in Chicago with no dishwasher, and it sucked. Still another house is cute in a weird way (it looks like a barn) and it's nice inside, but the lot is mostly a big slope. And one more is a nice house in a fantastic location with a big lot, but they're asking too much (for me, at least).

Then last night we went to see the mariachis at Taqueria Lopez. Sarah blogged it first. Mucho fun. I took photos but I'm too lazy to deal with them right now.

Then today I finally planted pansies in front of my house. Every time my agent came by she'd say "You know, you could put some pansies in those pots." And I'd say I know I can, but so could Mr. Pants ... why do I have to do everything around here? I'm tired and busy. But I decided to go ahead and do it this weekend because what else am I going to do with my mom hanging around? So I figured since I'd be digging I might as well see if I had a statue of St. Joseph lying around, and believe it or not, I did. So I decided to give in to silly superstition and bury him upside down in a flower pot. I don't pray, so instead of a prayer I promised to let him out again once he'd found a buyer for my house.


toastie said...

I don't look forward to the time when I have to sell my house (although many days I'd kind of like to rid of it). I'd tell the real estate agent to plant the pansies. Well, no, I probably wouldn't but it seems like the person who gets paid for selling your house should do the work that supposedly makes it more likely to sell.

I live in house without a dishwasher. It does suck.

Good luck.

St. Joseph not only will help you sell your house, but, as I recently learned, he will protect it from communism.

Lisa B. said...

But I like communism. It's welcome in my home any time.

My agent also told us to paint a lot of walls and scrub the grout with a toothbrush ... I should have said "go right ahead!"

Anonymous said...

Hello! Barry sent me a link to your blog. I think I'm buying the house on Gresham that you wanted. I hope you can find another that pleases you.

My fiancé and I were too late to buy a different house on Gresham a couple of months back, and then this one opened up, so it could happen again for you, too.

I'm putting my current house on the market as well. Can't wait to tackle that grout.

Lisa B. said...

Well, enjoy the fantastic house. I'm glad I didn't say awful things about the people who snatched the perfect house from my grasp ;-) But I knew when I saw it that it would be gone before I could make an offer. It's just too cute. But gosh don't you want more than one bathroom? Really, wouldn't life be easier with two? ;-)