Saturday, March 01, 2008


The house cleaner I complained about yesterday made me whole, and I now recommend her wholeheartedly. She came by and I showed her the places that were still dirty (basically about 85 percent of the baseboards and some windowsills). They really were still dirty--I wasn't being anal retentive, I swear. She agreed and cleaned them. She apologized and said that her son had come along to help and she assigned him to baseboard duties ... the explanation fits because when I looked around at all the baseboards I thought to myself "These look like a dude cleaned them!" The big egregious places had been cleaned, but the rest (especially any part that was behind anything) hadn't been touched. That's how dudes clean. And of course since Mr. Pants was the one to inspect the house and pay the cleaners, he didn't notice either because the big obvious places that scream "hey, we're filthy" had been cleaned.

If I knew for a fact that the only people coming to look at our house would be typical guys, I wouldn't be fretting so much about the baseboards because they just wouldn't notice. Why is it that guys don't seem to notice dirt? I am generalizing, of course, because there are a few who do, but they are in the minority. I wonder if anyone has studied this phenomenon scientifically? I know there have been studies showing that women just notice more details in general, so maybe the dirt phenomenon is related.

And I suppose I'm a fine one to talk, because if I had been a better housekeeper myself I wouldn't have needed cleaners to come in just so I could show the house. But rest assured that I have been keenly aware of all the dirt on the baseboards for a long time. I was just too lazy to do anything about it.

At any rate, there is a "for sale" sign in front of our house, although I think it won't officially be in the MLS until tomorrow. Know anyone interested in a cute little bright orange 1925 Trinity Park Bunglaow? Did I mention it's orange?


r4kk4 said...

man, i'm glad that the cleaners ended up being good!

and, um, don't beat yourself up about baseboards. who cleans those more than once or twice a year? not me.

lal:tree said...

Even though we're only kind of a little bit looking at houses, and ours is in no condition for selling, I am interested. Post the MLS when it's up, k?

Lisa B. said...

Wow, once or twice a year would have been a good baseboard-cleaning schedule, had I actually ever cleaned them ;-) actually, I did vacuum them all the time with the little brush attachment thingy, I just never really washed them. They needed actual washing.

Lalitree, I think I'll just e-mail it to you ... I'd rather make potential skeevy stalkers work a little to find out where I live ;-)

andrew said...

You can clean baseboard?

Lisa B. said...

Well, obviously *I* have a hard time doing so, but yes, it is humanly possible ;-)